United Ministries at UVa

United Ministries is an interfaith group of clerical and other religious leaders working in religious life with students and the University community.  United Ministries exists to serve the educational aims of the University by providing for the religious needs of its students, staff, and faculty.  United Ministries especially seeks to support the University’s endeavor to “help students learn responsible decision-making; clarify personal values and identity; foster interpersonal relationships; (and) facilitate career exploration.”   It further provides an avenue for dialogue between the University and campus ministers serving the University community.

United Ministries affirms the freedom of religious belief and practice of its members.  In light of the wide diversity of faiths and denominations represented within its membership, United Ministries as an organization does not espouse or promote a particular faith, creed, dogma, or belief; similarly, within the context of United Ministries meetings or events, members may not proselytize, evangelize, or seek adherents to a particular religion.  Rather, United Ministries is an administrative and professional association comprised of pastors, ministers, rabbis, nuns, priests, lay ministers, imams, and other religious leaders who are connected to and involved with the University community.  In our work together and through our various member organizations, we conduct ourselves with cooperation and respect for other faiths and other religious groups.

Our current members include:

Brody Jewish Center - Hillel at UVa
Catholic Student Ministry
Center for Christian Study
Chabad House
Charlottesville Community Church
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Cru Christian Fellowship
Intervarsity Christian Felowship
Islamic Society of Central Virginia
Lutheran Student Movement 
Presbyterian Student Fellowship of Westminster Presbytarian Church
Reformed University Fellowship
St. Paul's at UVa: Episcopal Student Fellowship
The Wesley Foundation: United Methodist Campus Ministry

For a full list of all religious groups at UVa including those not involved with United Ministries, please click here.

Members of United Ministries are required to:

• Provide adequate supporting information to verify that they are acting on behalf of a recognized religious group
• Support expenses for the administration and publicity of United Ministries through the payment of annual dues that are set by the elected officers
• We expect attendance at meetings.  The appointed representative from each member group will attend a minimum of one scheduled meeting per semester.
• Participate as needed in official United Ministries activities such as New Student Summer Orientation

As leaders in religious life on Grounds, members of United Ministries also agree to abide by certain codes of conduct, including the following:

• We do not use high pressure or coercive techniques to recruit or retain students/members in our various member organizations.
• We do adhere to all University of Virginia regulations and policies regarding the residential living communities.
• On all written, electronic, or oral advertisements and publicity for events or programs, we clearly identify the sponsoring organization by name.

United Ministries Officers:

President - Fr. Stephen Alcott, St. Thomas Aquinas
Treasurer - Kyle Hoover, Charlottesville Community Church
Publications - Jake Rubin, Brody Jewish Center - Hillel at UVa
Orientation Coordinator - Michelle Freeman, Chi Alpha

For more information about United Ministries or to inquire about membership, please contact Fr. Stephen Alcott.